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  It is not secret that Sony is hurting from the global economic downturn but I got a chance to see the Sony operation up close personal, at SONY ARCHIVES and THE SQUARE.  In summary, Sony is still an extremely vibrant and international company, and I have the best desire that they bounce back from the current downturn and amaze the world like they like for the past 30 years, starting with the Sony Walkman.

 Sony集團在這次的不景氣中受到了嚴重打擊是不爭的事實,但是有機會來到Sony全球最神秘的地方—Sony歷史博物館(Sony Archives)與The SQUARE,親眼瞧瞧Sony集團的是如何創造這些貼近人們生活的產品,時屬難得。事實上,Sony仍然是一家很有活力與朝氣的國際企業,而我衷心期望他們能夠在這一波的不景氣之中反彈,再一次地驚豔全世界,就像30年前推出Sony Walkman一樣。

 These two places are invitation only, and I was privileged as part of the government program to be allowed such access.


 The SQUARE is where Sony showcases it latest and most advanced technology from its flat screen monitors to its playstations to even items from the pictures that are made by Sony Pictures. By items I mean the life size replica of the robot from Terminator IV, the  Spiderman that Tobey Mcquire wore, with rips and all. 

 The SQUARE是Sony展示其最新與最先進科技技術的地方,從平面顯示器到PS遊戲機,甚至是Sony Picture(Sony影視)所製作的成品。有真人大小的魔鬼終結者5的複製機器人、蜘蛛人男主角陶比麥奎爾所穿戴所有配備等等。


 It was an eye-opening experience, especially Sonys attempts to synergize everything together so that all the electronic equipments all speak to each other and can transfer data from one to another wireless. 


 The ARCHIVES houses the history of Sony from the 60th to now, and one of the most interesting aspects to me was that this year also marks the30th Anniversary of the Sony Walkman.  Walkmen are almost extinct these days and to only think that not too long ago the word Walkmen became so generic to represent a mobile device where one can hear music.

  Sony歷史博物館(Sony Archives)紀錄了Sony所有60年代至今的點點滴滴,其中最引起我興趣的是今年是Walkman隨身聽的30歲週年。現在幾乎已經看不到Sony隨身聽的蹤跡了,但是「隨身聽」這個名詞明明就在幾年前還是那麼的風行,與行動裝置化上等號,代表著人們可以隨時隨地聽著自己喜愛的音樂。

 The brief tour into the ARCHIVES made me realize that anything is possible.  Sony went from a little company started with two people that sold was created after WWII.  They are one of the most international companies ranging from electronics to movie, and are on the frontier of making the most advanced electronics equipment for industry and consumers.




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