Another just a phenomenal company: Panasonic



 Today Panasonic takes over and became our teachers and guides for the next few days.  The competition between Sony and Panasonic are indeed very heated, in Japan as well as abroad. They seem to have so many products that compete directly with each other.  Panasonic used to have 3 brands: Matsushita, National and Panasonic.  They have made the concerted effort to brand all their products under one name: “Panasonic”  Their slogan “Ideas for Life” is very indicative to the efforts they put in making the world and everyday life innovative, environmental, and simple.

 從今天起,Panasonic成為我們這幾天的老師與嚮導。Sony與Panasonic兩公司的恩怨情仇可以說是剪不斷、理還亂,一路從日本廝殺到世界各地。因為有太多同質性的產品,導致兩家公司必須正面對決。Panasonic旗下曾經擁有三大品牌:Matsushita、National與Panasonic。後來他們決定將所有品牌合而為一集中宣傳,就決定使用「Panasonic」。他們的宣傳標語為「優質生活(Ideas for Life)」,可以清楚說明松下電子要努力讓全球人們的日常生活變得更加創新、環保與簡單的目標。

 I am quite impressed with Panasonic.  Prior to meeting them up close and personal, I have thought of Panasonic as a general manufacturer of electronics equipment.  NOT ANY MORE.They devote annually 6.7% of their budgets into R&D. 


 We visited two of their showhouses: Panasonic Centre and the EcoHouse.

 今日參觀了Panasonic的兩間展示點:Panasonic中心與生態屋(the EcoHouse)



 The purpose of the two showhouses to highlight the products and services behind Panasonic vision:

1.Realization of a Ubiquitous Network Society

2.Coexistence with the Global Environment



  1. 實現普遍網路之社會

  2. 與地球生態相互共存


 This is Panasonics contribution to the global and technical environment and I hope it turns out to be a great financial investment for Panasonic because their hearts and minds are definitely in the right place.  They are focused on reducing the CO2 emission by 201X.  The X is intentionally there.  But they have created so many of the products that use less energy, are lighter, and are meant to last younger.  The list goes from 5 cm TV screens to water-tank-less toilets, smart refrigerators and solar panels that reduce entirely the reliance from energy sources outside the stand-alone house.  It is just quite astonishing. 




 I know that we are on an excursion to learn the latest and best HD technology for implementation or adaptation into our own production workflows.  Regardless of our own respective industries, please think about the environment and what we can do to improve or at least lessen the damage we are causing to the environment.




 Lastly, I simply love Panasonic’s slogan:  “Ideas for Life”  This again gave me so much inspiration to make sure that all ours ideas and innovations are practical and realistic, with the ultimate goal of improving LIFE.  How we interpret and apply such contribution, it is up to ourselves.  Let’s make the best of it. 


  最後,我真心喜愛Panasonic的標語「優質生活“Ideas for Life”」。這句話再一次啟發我相信,所有試圖增進人類幸福主旨的想法與創新點子都是有可能實現。我們如何詮釋與應用這些貢獻,就要必須靠我們自己。現在就開始身體力行,做到最好吧!




 Panasonic 中心(Panasonic Center): http://www.panasonic.net/center/tokyo/

 Panasonic 生態屋(Panasonic Ecohouse): http://panasonic.co.jp/ecohouse/en/


 Panasonic outlined for us today the “Panasonic System Solutions PSS” The focus of the discourse focused on the four following points:


 1. Digital Broadcast in Japan

 2. Broadcast station system

 3. Detail of Master system & EPG & Data Broadcast

 4. Process of RMP system


 Panasonic另外強調「Panasonic System Solutions PSS」概念,有4個重點:








 I don’t think it is appropriate for me to post proprietary material but it was an eye-opening experience and I am so energized to test out and see how the solutions could be applied in our own operations and workflows.








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