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 Although I have not been to every part of the world, nor I have been to hell nor heaven, but New Zealand for me is as close to heaven as it gets.  I had the distinct pleasure of being invited by the New Zealand Trade Office to visit their animation companies.  Of course I also took this rare opportunity to visit their rainforests, crystal clear lakes, and enact with sincere, wholesome people.  On a side note, my sinuses disappeared within 15 minutes after I got off the plane.  Anyhow, you can see how highly I think of this country.



  I attend their annual New Zealand Gala and enjoyed delicious wine and lamb, wonderful company, and I vow to figure out a way to work more closely with New Zealand.  Of course we probably won’t have a chance to work with Weta, we will leave that for the really big boys. There are plenty of exciting companies in the creative industries that we can ally with. Karen Walker, a New Zealand label with a distributor in Taiwan, also had a small fashion show.  The New Zealand Trade Office also invited an amazing vocalist to grace us with her nightingale voice.

 我參加了紐西蘭年度的慶典,在品嚐美味的白酒、鮮嫩的羊肉與認識這麼多美妙的公司,我發誓一定要更積極的紐西蘭合作。當然也許我們沒機會親自與Weta合作(魔戒導演Peter Jackson所設立的電影特效公司),但是依然有許許多多令人感到興奮的公司,如Karen Walker,一家紐西蘭設計師品牌,也許可以與她合作辦個小型時裝秀。紐西蘭在台商務辦事處還邀請一位優秀的女聲為我們獻上夜鶯般的美妙歌曲。


 All in all, it was a great way to kick off the Holiday season, and I am always thankful to New Zealand for thinking of me.







Karen Walker設計師:

WoW, World of Wearable Arts:

New Zealand Tourism紐西蘭旅遊局:


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