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想參加嗎??請先E-mail 給我們,或是致電2701-9901來作登記以預約您想要的課程跟日期 (但至少需提前2)。請點選以下連結來獲得更多的資訊。

想知道有關全亞洲第一個高畫質運動頻道ASN HD的訊息,您也可上我們以下的二個網站上瀏覽並訂閱我們的電子報…








~Dear Fathers and Supporters of ASN~


Bring your son/daughter out to the Ice Rink at the Taipei Arena to put a memorable start to Fathers Day 2010.

ASN is working with the Chinese-Taipei ice Hockey League to teach kids of all ages, including you, how to play Ice Hockey or Ice Skate!

From August till end of September, ASN will be offering limited free lessons on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  This of course includes Fathers Day!

Make this Fathers Day Super Cool

To register, please email us at or call us at 2701-9901 to register (at least 2 days beforehand). 

Click here for more info.

For more about ASN HD, Asias first HD sports channel, and where you might be able to subscribe, please visit us at the two following websites:

ASN: <>

Go to ASN Taiwan Blog: <>  for more information.


Space is limited, so don't delay !!

Lastly but most importantly, HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!

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