上週四法國知名動畫電影公司McGuffLigne製片Arnauld Boulard特別造訪台北,在由大巴黎地區影視委員會、台北市電影委員會、法國在台協會所舉辦的巴黎數位電影特效座談會暨「神偷奶爸」特映會上講解「神偷奶爸」的製作過程。本次千載難逢且令人眼界大開的機會對於我們來說更是別具意義,因為McGuff Ligne在07年所製作的「捉龍特攻隊」正是由我們杰德所代理發行。2008年,在包括法國在台協會和法國國家電影中心等幾位法國夥伴的協助下「捉龍特攻隊」全台上映。如果您還沒有看過「捉龍特攻隊」或是「神偷奶爸」請一定要點開連結欣賞。





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Mr Arnauld Boulard visited Taipei to give a presentation on the making of “Despicable Me.”  This eye-opening and rare opportunity is particularly meaningful for us because McGuff was also the animation studio that made “Dragon Hunters” in 2007.  Portico Media distributed Dragon Hunters across Taiwan in 2008, working hand in hand with several French counterparts such as the French Institute in Taipei and CNC (France’s Centre for National Cinema).  For those of you who have not seen either Despicable Me nor Dragon Hunters, please check out the following trailers to motivate you.


See the report from Taipei Film Commission:



Arnauld Boulard




Dragon Hunter




Despicable Me 


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