豪斯醫生 第四季

MOD 95台 Universal



House Season 4

MOD channel number 95 Universal

14 SEPTEMBER, TUESDAYS @ 10PM (with subtitles in Mandarin)


豪斯醫生(金球獎演員Hugh Laurie飾演)在全新一季繼續解決諸多醫學難題,他特立獨行、慣用非正統的治療方式,講話充滿嘲諷卻又不失機智幽默。因為上一季出現重大變化,豪斯必須招募新血重組團隊。40位醫生申請加入他的團隊,他決定以實境節目「我要活下去」的方式選拔,申請者都配以編號,每一集都會淘汰一人,最終的五個人將被選入豪斯的醫療團隊。


Dr. Gregory House (Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie), the maverick doctor with an unorthodox diagnostic approach, radical treatments and sarcastic wit, returns with a new season of medical mystery solving. With major changes at the end of season three, House is without a team. With 40 applicants for the few places on the team, House naturally holds a “Survivor” style elimination contest to determine the members to join the team, referring to them by numbers instead of names. With one elimination per episode, a final group of five doctors compete to join the team.



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