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MOD 97台 Diva Universal

9月23日週四晚上9點(頻道附有中文字幕) 兩小時首播


Rookie Blue

MOD channel number 97  Diva Universal

23 SEPTEMBER, THURSDAY @ 9PM(with subtitles in Mandarin) 2-hour premiere

為慶祝Diva Universal成立,頻道將播出美國最熱門的菜鳥警探電視影集《菜鳥警察》。影集在美國首播後受到廣大觀眾歡迎,這部13集的影集描述5名剛從學校畢業的菜鳥警探,他們生活的酸甜苦辣和驚險刺激經歷,如同《實習醫生》的警察版本。他們不久發現學校所學的知識,不足以應付真正的警察工作所需,一點差錯都可能造成生命存亡的後果,和一發不可收拾的衝突。

Celebrating the arrival of DIVA Universal is oneof the hottest new cop shows on television.Hot on the heels of its US premiere in June,DIVA brings you the 2-hour Exclusive Asiapremiere of Rookie Blue.The 13-part series follows the lives of five youngambitious cops fresh out of the Academy. Just like Grey’s Anatomy and other recent genreshows, the private lives and tribulations of ouryoung heroes take centre-stage right along with the action. The group finds out soonenough that no amount of training can preparethem for real life policing, where the smallestmistake can have life-or-death consequences and serious emotional fall-out.



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