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The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2

MOD channel number 97  Diva Universal

Premieres 21 September, Tuesdays@ 9pm(with subtitles in Mandarin) 

第二季的《減磅稱王》亞洲版帶著更多艱苦的減重挑戰和重拾健康鼓舞人心情結回來。第一季的大贏家David Gurnani共減掉83公斤的體重,並贏得10萬美元獎金和一部車子。第二季的全新內容中,看新一批挑戰者進行多種減重挑戰、努力甩肉贏得獎勵。參賽者們必須擺脫過去懶散生活,加入密集的減重訓練,他們並被授予必要的技巧和規定,好讓他們回到家中能夠繼續維持著健康的生活方式。

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The second season of The Biggest Loser Asiareturns with more weight loss drama, grueling challenges and healthy doses of inspiration.Season one winner David Gurnani lost 83kg andwon US$100,000 and a car. The second season’s 2-hour premiere sees a new set of contestants undergoing the various challenges on the show to
lose weight and get fit. Facing a drastic diet and lifestyle overhaul, contestants will have to surrender luxuries in life, submitting themselves to intense trainingand living a life solely focused on regaining their health, whilst
being taught the skills and discipline necessary to maintain this lifestyle at home. Join DIVA Universal for this second season of second chances.



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