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Universal Networks International (UNI)-全球NBC Universal部門本月二號在新加坡宣佈和NBC Universal 國際電視節目發行簽署在全亞洲有線與衛星的節目的發行權利。

預計明年1月起NBC Universal眾多精彩節目將會出現在Universal, Syfy Universal和Diva Universal的Universal系列頻道上,包括:2011第一季亞洲獨家首播的影集《Covert Affairs》(中文譯名未定),刺激懸疑,引人入勝的《The Event》以及經典犯罪法庭影集的最新系列─《法網遊龍:洛杉磯》( Law & Order: Los Angeles),以及《Love Bites(中文譯名未定), 《Outsourced(中文譯名未定), 《The Cape(中文譯名未定), 《Outlaw》(中文譯名未定)和《Perfect Couples》(中文譯名未定)等最新精采影集,絕對讓您大飽眼福,欲罷不能。


2 September 2010, Singapore Universal Networks International (UNI), the global channels division of NBC Universal, has entered an agreement with NBC Universal International Television Distribution for the exclusive first-run basic cable and satellite rights across Asia to current NBC Universal scripted series, it was announced today.


Under the terms of the agreement, NBC Universal titles will be available on UNI channels Syfy Universal, Universal Channel and DIVA Universal as of January 2011. 

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(The Event)


Highlights of titles included in the deal are Covert Affairs, which will make its debut in Asia on DIVA Universal in the first quarter of 2011; The Event, an emotional high-octane conspiracy thriller; and Law & Order: Los Angeles, the latest installment in the venerable Law & Order brand.  Additional series include Love Bites, Outsourced, The Cape, Outlaw and Perfect Couples.

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 (Covert Affairs)


Mr. Raymund Miranda, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Universal Networks International said, “The licensing agreement strengthens UNI’s ability to bring great drama series, comedy and movies to Asia audiences. It will further boost UNI Channels and give the channels a further competitive edge among the international channels in the region.”


The deal is a further step in UNI’s growth plans to build strong pay-tv channels that connect with local audiences and feature world-class original and first-run content.  The licensing agreement with NBC Universal International Television Distribution follows UNI’s channel brand revitalization of Syfy Universal and Universal Channel and the most recent rebrand of Hallmark Channel to DIVA Universal in Asia on 19 September 2010.


UNI began operations in Asia Pacific in April 2008 and has since launched a pan-Asia original production, The Biggest Loser Asia and has premiered the latest seasons of popular NBCU series, The Office and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The network has also invested in top-quality global productions (Rookie Blue, Haven, Shattered and Facing Kate) to enhance the content line-up on its global brand portfolio.







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