哈拉聯誼會 第五季

MOD 95台 Universal


Greek Year 5

MOD channel number 95 Universal

Premieres 23 September, Thursday@ 9pm(with subtitles in Mandarin) 

喜愛《哈拉聯誼會》的劇迷們別錯過第五季全新內容。Cyprus-Rhodes大學學生們於Kappa Tau的「世界末日」派對中踏上分岔路。Rusty的榮譽課程岌岌可危,他必須想辦法提高有機化學這門課的分數。Dale面臨兩難,最終也向Sheila求了婚。同時,Casey、Cappie和Max的關係繼續錯綜複雜,Casey希望重投Cappie懷抱,卻遭拒絕而大感意外及飽受痛苦,Cappie其後得知Max出發往英國,開始懷疑自己沒再給Casey機會的決定是否正確。

Fans of Greek can tune in to Year 5 to follow the dramatic changes with the Greek gang. The students at Cyprus-Rhodes University feel the ramifications of the Kappa Tau’s “End of the World” Party. Rusty risks being dropped from the honors program if he cannot raise his grade in organic chemistry. Dale faces a huge moral dilemma and proposes to Sheila. Meanwhile, after learning of Max’s departure to England, Cappie wonders if he made the right decision by telling Casey he wasn’t interested in giving their relationship another chance, while Casey struggles with the aftermath of Cappie’s unexpected rejection.



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