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2010 38th Annual Life Achievement Award to Mike Nichols

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Premieres 17 October, Sunday@ 10pm(with subtitles in Mandarin) 


美國電影學會終身成獎於1973年設立,目的表彰在電視、電影領域上對美國文化具重要貢獻的傑出人士。今年獲頒此殊榮的是備受推崇導演-Mike Nichlos,他獲頒美國主要演藝娛樂獎項包括:艾美獎、葛萊美獎、金像獎和湯尼獎,如此輝煌成績歷來也不過12人。與Nichlos合作過演員,包含梅莉史翠普、茱莉亞羅勃茲和三次金像獎得主傑克尼柯遜。


The AFI Life Achievement Award was established by the Board of Directors of the American Film Institute in 1973 to honor a single individual for his or her lifetime contribution to enriching American culture through motion pictures and television. This year, AFI chronicles the success of acclaimed film director Mike Nichols, one of only twelve individuals to have won all the major American entertainment awards: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Nichols has also worked with movie stars like Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and three-time Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson in various films.



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