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MOD 97台 Diva Universal


The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2

MOD channel number 97  Diva Universal

Tuesdays@ 9pm(with subtitles in Mandarin) 


「減磅撐王 亞洲版」第二季賽事進入最後高潮,紅藍兩隊大對抗,到底誰最後能煥然一新,瀟灑稱王?現在您有機會親眼目睹

感人的光榮時刻,只要到 登入參加活動,就送你到最後一集節目現場見證奇蹟!


"The Biggest Loser Asia" Season 2 comes into the final stage, who on earth can be the one and only biggest loser to win the prize? Now you can grasp the chance to witness the graceful moment! Just Log in to attend the activity,and see the miracle on the season finale. 

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