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希望回家輕輕一按便享受到精采電影?那就鎖定週間晚上10點的DIVA Universal精選電影,每週一將會推出頻道首播的電影喔!

Can’t wait to kick off the heels and just unwind with a great flick? Check out DIVA’s Movies @ 10pm, with the premiere of new ones every Monday! 



MOD 97台 Diva Universal



Safe Harbor

MOD channel number 97  Diva Universal

Premieres 22nd November, Monday@ 10pm(with subtitles in Mandarin)


本片根據兩名無名英雄的真實故事所改編,正當Doug和 Robbie兩人的環遊世界旅程啟航之際,突然發現得看顧兩個不良青少年,這趟旅程讓四人的生命出現重大轉折。


Based on a real life story of 2 unlikely heroes - Doug (Treat Williams, Everwood) and Robbie (Nancy Travis, So I Married An Axe Murderer) are about to set sail around the world when they unexpectedly find themselves in charge of looking after two delinquent boys, which turns out to be a life-changing experience for them all. 



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