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MOD channel number 95  Universal

Wednesdays@ 10pm(with subtitles in Mandarin) 

如果你是《24反恐任務》和《銀河號戰艦》的忠實觀眾,一定對Callum Keith Rennie不會感到陌生;他在本片中扮演一名擁有不為人知秘密過去的硬漢警探Ben Sullivan。他聰明又自負、卻深受兒子被綁架殺害的陰影所困,患有分離人格。他重新回到工作崗位,隱瞞過去的悲痛只想當個好警察,並試圖找出兒子受害的真相。

Ben 和他的新搭檔Amy Lynch合作解決許多案子,同時也忙於處理自己一團糟的生活和分裂人格,尤其是不曉得哪個分裂人格會在什麼時候浮出水面。


You have seen him in 24 and Battlestar Galactica. Now see Callum Keith Rennie as a tough detective who habours a dark secret in cop action series, Shattered. He is Ben Sullivan, an assertive, smart homicide detective with Disassociated Identity Disorder, triggered by the tragic kidnapping of his son. He is back on the job, and just about able to keep a lid on his troubling conditioning as he tries to be a good cop, and ultimately seeks to find out the truth about what happened to his son.

Ben and his new partner Amy Lynch work to solve the murder cases that cross their desk, while Ben copes with the complexities of managing his life as a cop and living as a man with alternate personalities. And more crucially, dealing with the uncertainty of never knowing which alternate personality will surface, or when.



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