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法網遊龍 第15季

MOD 95台 Universal


Law & Order Season 15

MOD channel number 95  Universal

From 13th Dec ,Mondays@ 9pm(with subtitles in Mandarin) 

本劇是以紐約市為故事背景的法律推理影集,更多深獲好評的故事情結千萬別錯過。觀眾可在劇中觀賞警官和檢察官攜手打擊罪犯,和許多由真實故事所改編的犯罪案件,包括知名作家Olivia Goldsmith 死於整容手術、一名知名DJ在錄音市裡遭到槍殺死亡,以及多起發生在紐約大學校內不明的自殺案件。Željko Ivanek (大事件, Damages) 在本季節目客串出演一集。


Don’t miss out on more episodes of the critically-acclaimed New York legal drama, Law & Order as the dedicated detectives and prosecutors of the Big Apple work hand-in-hand to solve crimes inspired by true cases. Crimes include the death of the famous author Olivia Goldsmith who falls victim to cosmetic surgery, the unsolved murder of an influential deejay who gets shot to his untimely death at a recording studio, and slew of unexplainable suicides that takes place at the New York University. Željko Ivanek (The Event, Damages) guest stars in an episode.



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