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(L to R) Mixmaster Jay Lin (Portico Media), Conny Li (IMICS Dept. Asst.), Gina Hung (Discovery), Dr. Yu-Li Liu (IMICS Chair), Paul Mozur (Dow Jones), Robin Kwong (Financial Times), Janet Chien-Yeh Ong (Bloomberg), Cindy Kwan Sui (BBC), Dr. Leonard Chu (IMICS Faculty), Dr. Tsung-Jen Shih (IMICS Faculty).


Jay Lin, Portico Media CEO, was recently a guest speaker at National Chengchi University for a seminar on International Media Careers in Taiwan. The event, sponsored by the International Master's in Communication Studies program (IMICS), brought representatives from a number of top media organizations to the school. Students were able to hear firsthand from these professionals about the challenges and opportunities for those pursuing careers in international media.


Other guest speakers included Cindy Kwan Sui (BBC), Gina Hung (Discovery Channel), Paul Mozur (Dow Jones Newswires), Robin Kwong (Financial Times), and Janet Ong (Bloomberg). Each guest offered their individual perspective and advice for students embarking on media careers in Taiwan and beyond. During his portion of the talk, Jay encouraged students to stand out from the crowd by speaking up and contributing their ideas, and he also outlined the opportunities presented by new distribution models and the internationalization of Taiwan's media landscape.


Jay Lin (林志杰) of Portico Media encourges Taiwan's students to speak more in the class. Photo: Pin-chia Huang (黃品嘉)



IMICS students learn from guest speakers. Photo: Pin-chia Huang (黃品嘉)



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