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MOD 96台  Syfy Universal



Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

MOD channel number 96 Syfy Universal

9th November,Tuesday @11pm



這是真的嗎?鎖定Syfy頻道將於亞洲首播節目《真假靈異事件調查》,這部真人實境節目將隨著由前FBI探員Ben Hansen 所率領的6名專家團隊,偵查各類超自然現象,團隊成員來自各領域,包括新聞記者、科學家、特技表演專家、攝影師和特效師。




Is it real? Find out as Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files makes its Asia debut on 9 November. This extremely successful reality follows a team of 6 specialists, led by former FBI agent Ben Hansen, to investigate the world of paranormal activity. Team Leader, Hansen, recruits a team of subject matter experts that include a journalist, a lead scientist, a stunt expert, a photography expert and an effects specialist. They test the likeliness of alleged paranormal activity sightings being caused by normal activity. Hence, they decide whether the sightings are indeed fact or faked. Some of their investigations include a ghost car driving through a chainlink fence, UFOs in the Arizona desert skies, sightings of tall skinny figures caught on night vision in Fresno, and even unexplained cattle mutilation.


The show has been described as Mythbusters meets Destination Truth. Variety magazine says, “Now we know what Fox Mulder would have done after leaving ‘The X-Files’ unit: Get his own reality TV show!”



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