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MOD 97台 Diva Universal



And She Was(Write & Wrong)

MOD channel number 97  Diva Universal

Premieres 8th November, Monday@ 10pm(with subtitles in Mandarin)


中年女編劇Byrdie為了挽救日漸下滑的職業生涯, 要英俊侄子Neil謊稱自己的劇本是他所創作。但是當Brydie 愈來愈感良心不安,這齣騙局還能撐得了多久?

In an attempt to boost her waning career, middle-aged scriptwriter Byrdie (Kirstie Alley) gets her handsome nephew Neil to pitch her scripts as his own, but as Byrdie’s conscience gets the better of her, how long can they both keep up the act?



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